About Us

We are a team of Financial Freedom Planners with experience of more than 24 years in the Wealth Management Industry.                                                                     

Most consultants focus on Event based planning where the client starts planning for some event like higher education of children or their marriage and when the event actually arrives the client uses it all and has to start fresh again.

We focus on “Freedom based Planning” to create Financial Freedom for our clients. Financial Freedom is defined as the stage in our life where “After taking care of all the desired lifestyle expenses the money is still growing”. A stage where Money starts working for you and you are free to live your desired life.

With the sole aim of creating Financial Freedom, we have touched more than 10000 families and have trained more than 500 Financial Consultants to be Financial Freedom Planners.

We have come up with Win - Win Solutions where our growth is completely dependent on the results we produce in your life and not by selling you High Commissioned Products.

Also we believe that it is not compulsory to Add NEW Money to create Financial Freedom. Most of the times it’s just the old investments which when reviewed and worked upon can yield great results. Here our focus lies in meeting or exceeding the benchmarks of each asset class.

We have won many awards for our expertise in the industry but for us what matters the most is the satisfaction which we give to our clients by guiding them to Financial Freedom. That’s our biggest achievement and we are committed to multiply this model for more and more people by training Financial Consultants to Financial Freedom Planners.

Ultimately we want to change the experience of Making Money from one of Stress, Scarcity and Struggle to Power, Celebration and Freedom.


We are a dedicated team with a mission to:

Bring about the importance of Financial Learning in the society.

Financial Learning is not provided in our Traditional Education System. We find it surprising that we educate ourselves for more than 15-20 years to earn money but the education to put Money At Work remains missing and so we are life long caught in a trap for working for money.

Financial learning can put your money at work effectively and give you results beyond your wildest imaginations.


Create Financial Freedom:

Financial Freedom is a Stage in your life where after taking care of your desired Lifestyle ,your Money is Still Growing”.

Our mission is to create Financial Freedom for people who get associated with us by ‘Planning for Freedom’ unlike’ Planning for Events’



Our vision is to change the dimensions the way the Wealth Management is done currently.

Offer win-win propositions.

Traditionally Consultants push products which offer them healthy Commissions, but we have taken a leap ahead by coming up with solutions where the fees is result-dependent.

The industry hardly offers such win-win models and we envision to take the industry in that direction.


Replace Event Based Planning with Planning for Financial Freedom.

People plan for events e.g. Post graduation of their son/daughter, marriage, etc and when the event actually arrives they use it all and then again start planning for the next event.
We envision creating Financial freedom where not only are the events taken care of but money keeps growing.


Financial Freedom Planners.

We have already trained more than 500 consultants to be Financial Freedom Planners and wish envision to train 5000+ consultants to be Financial Freedom Planners.

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