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Is the Wealth Book for you?

Answer these questions:

A)     What is the exact wealth you have created as on today?

B)      What wealth is going to get created in Future years?

C)      How to increase it by 3 or 4 times without adding any new fund?

D)     After taking care of all your Desired Lifestyle Expenses is your Wealth Growing or Shrinking?

If you know the answer of all the above questions and have it documented then our service is not required but if you don’t have an answer for even a single question then the Wealth Book is highly recommended.

How can Wealth Book be useful to you?

Measuring your Money is the first step to being Wealthy. In order to reach to a certain destination one should first know where he is and then has to ask for direction to reach the destination. Wealth book does the same, it gives you complete details of your Finances and then provides a step by step approach to your destination of Financial Freedom.

It is a comprehensive guide to:

A)     Your Current Wealth Creation.

B)     Current Investment commitments in form of Premiums/SIPs/EMIs,etc.

C)     Your step by step guide to Financial Freedom.

Like in every Business you have Account Book to understand the business in detail similarly the Wealth book gives you:

A)     An easy understanding of all the Financial Products you have in your portfolio.

B)     The cashflow of the various products individually and combined to understand your monthly/yearly inflows and outflows.

C)    Getting it documented will give more clarity to your financial plan and in untimely death of the Key person it will become easy for other family members to access the plan and follow the same.