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Trade the Trend is our flagship service which is based on Trend Following.

Following are the Key Features of Trade the Trend:

a)       Be a part of the Time Tested Strategy

Trend Following is a strategy whose history goes back to more than 100 years. Based on the same concept we have devised a system which we have back-tested from 2005 and we have been successfully profiting since the last 2 years.

b)     A Wealth Accelerator.

The system has yielded 36%+ returns continuously on a year on year basis since 2005 and we would be glad to show you the results and if desired offer a  free trial.

c)      Hassle Free Trading

Free yourself from the complicated decision making process of Buying/ Selling and Holding. No analysis required from your end.

Most importantly our system focuses on “Trade Less Earn More Approach” where the Trading frequency is less than 20 trades per year.

d)     Earn in Bull as well Bear Markets

The difference between an average Demat account holder and a Professional Trader is that the Professional understands that money can be made even in down trending Markets (sometimes much more and faster).

Trade the trend does the same where it capitalizes trends whether up or down.

e)      A Hedge against your Income Source

In a recession (like in 2008-09) when not only your stocks and Mutual Fund will take a hit but also your Business/ Job will suffer a slowdown this concept of making money in down trending markets will make you a fortune.

f)       Managed Risk

The system not only suggests when to enter and exit but also the ideal risk management which suits your risk appetite.

g)      Win-win approach

Though we are system providers to traders we are traders ourselves first and we employ these strategies in our own accounts as well.

Because of our immense belief in this system we have developed a win-win approach where our advisory fee comes only after the client has booked profit in his/her account.