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Creating Financial Freedom: A stage for where one can live a desired lifestyle (not compromised) and his Wealth is still growing.

Planning for Events vs Planning for FREEDOM.

We do not believe in event based Wealth management, we would like to create a stage where all your events are taken care of and your money still grows.

It works on the principle that is best explained by the Chicken and the egg story. Suppose you have a chicken that gives you regular golden eggs that are sufficient to take care of all your life requirements.

Most people are trying to fulfill their requirements singularly and plan for the same e.g. taking a policy to take care of child’s marriage. What happens when the marriage dates come up? The policy matures and we spend the maturity amount for the marriage, which means that a part of the chicken that you built up in years is now consumed!! That is simple Wealth Management. But financial freedom planning is something else.

In financial freedom planning, we never consume the chicken!! We build the chicken to give us eggs big enough for all financial requirements. I.e. we never erode the capital. We build your capital at such a level that the returns on capital invested takes care of all requirements. Eg. How about buying a house without spending any money from your pocket (from capital)?

Until one reaches this stage, one keeps working for money. As a matter of fact, for most people, when they want to make more money they immediately think of putting self at work. In other word putting MAN at WORK. This revolutionary principle of Financial Freedom is about putting your MONEY at WORK, so that you are free.

In this scientific process, we will take into consideration all aspects and stages of your life viz. Children’s education, their marriages, buying a home, buying vehicles, retirement and all other dreams you have.

We will first do a health check up of your current investments and evaluate what it is capable of. Then we will work on optimizing returns and ensuring that your money is working harder in a way you reach a place where you no more need to work for money, it now works for you. That will be the achievement of financial freedom!!

Few consultants in the world consultants plan for Financial Freedom, consultants manage your wealth in a way that they can sell their products and create needs for the same more often.