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Cash Market vs. Derivative Market

Cash Market Derivative Market
Need to pay 100% of the amount if not squared off during the day. Need to pay a margin (10-25%) of the complete amount or just need to pay premium.
As 100% payment done no further requirements. If the trade does not work in your favor in futures segment difference amount will be debited on daily basis.
Can trade in all stocks, not in index Can trade in index and limited stocks (200+).
Can hold for unlimited period. Can hold for a limited period until the expiry of the contract.
One cannot short (Sell first) the market here. Trader has various ways in which he can go short and long.
Brokerage ranges from 0.1 to 1%. Brokerage is 10 times less @.01% to .05%
Suitable for traders who do not believe in Stop Loss. Suitable for high discipline traders only.

The above points make Derivatives the preferred choice for traders.

There are a group of traders who believe Cash Market Trading is a better option than Derivatives. This opinion comes from the psychology of holding on to loss making trades. (Trades becoming investments). If one is managing his money properly and willing to exit before losses becoming too big, derivatives should be the best choice for trading.
Otherwise better not trade.