The question that remains is how to identify the entry exit points, buy and sell for profitable trading.

Is it simple or difficult?

To answer when to buy and when to sell let us let us take the example of Kite flying to understand Profitable Trading.

First thing we do?

When we fly a kite what is the first thing we need to know?

It is the direction of the wind and then we fly the kite in the direction of the wind.

Similarly we need to know the flow/direction of the market and trade with the flow of the market.
(enabled by technical Analysis)

Like a kite flyer one cannot act against the flow, one has to be with the flow.

And maximum money is made when there is a clear and obvious trade.

No favorite direction.

We never have a favorite direction for flying the kite we just follow the wind, same goes here.

Markets just don’t go up, they also go down.

If the market is in the selling zone we need to sell.

As a trader having a bias for a particular direction is self destructing.

Don’t Predict, Just Follow.

Do you predict the direction of the wind or just follow it?

Do you try to change the direction of kite flying because you predict the wind is going to change? No

Similarly ,while Trading if you have taken a buy position after certain level you start predicting this is
the level from which market direction will change and will fall which may not be true.

Prediction of market and especially predicting change in Market Direction can prove very costly.

Don’t try to predict what is going to happen, don’t predict the Highs and Lows. JUST FOLLOW.

While trading “Buy High - Sell Higher and Sell Low-Buy Lower” is better than “Buy Low Sell high”.

Change Swiftly

While kite flying, when the direction of the wind changes we have to change.

We cannot have an ego or a strong opinion about it.

Same goes with Markets, when they change direction we need to change as well.

Markets don’t care about anybody’s opinion so never get caught up in an ego.

“Trade to make money, not to be proven right.”

All thread in a single contest

You cannot put at stake all your thread (firki) for a single contest understanding that there is a possibility
of not winning the contest.

Similarly while trading it is important to manage your biggest asset – money.

You cannot risk all at once no matter how sure you are.

There is nothing like a sure shot Trade.

No wind no kite flying

There cannot be wind supporting kite flying all the time. Kite flying in such times becomes laborious.

Similarly when there is no clear trend available it is best to avoid trading in such times.
If trading becomes compulsion then it will definitely be laborious.
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