Myth1: Trading is very Risky

An experienced pilot wouldn’t find flying a plane to be risky, whereas someone without a pilot’s license would think so. Similarly a competent trader most won’t find trading to be a risky thing to do

As for taking big risks in order to make big profits, that may not necessarily the case when it comes to trading. You can reduce risk by aiming for high probability trades or actively manage risk by monitoring and closing out your open positions if it seems that the market is not going your way. You can even completely avoid risk if there seems to be no good opportunity. There is risk in everything you do – whether you walk home, drive or marry a stranger. What is important is to have a risk-minimizing system in place so that you can come out profitable in the long-term.

Myth 2: Nobody has made money in the Market.

More than 90% trading occurs in derivatives.

Trading in derivatives is a zero sum game which means wealth is just transferred. It is not created or destroyed.

So if most people (95%) are losing, definitely few are making a fortune.

Myth3: Time Required

You can decide the timeframe you want to work which can be as less as 5 minutes per week to a full time focused activity.

% returns don’t depend on the time given for the activity.(explain)

Markets may ask time to give profits but it doesn’t ask your time to be engaged and involved.

Myth 4: Difficult to Learn

It is a very simple business made complicated because of media and unskilled traders. We believe it is as easy as kite flying where we need to know the direction of the wind and fly kite accordingly. If the wind direction changes, our kite flying direction changes as well. Most people get this wrong and are trapped in their emotional system.

Learning to trade is even simpler but execution will be difficult if one gets emotionally involved.

Myth 5: Good Markets- Bad Markets.

Kite flying is not restricted to your favorite direction. The outcome desired is the pleasure of Flying kites. Similarly trading should not be biased and kept reserved as an activity in a uptreding market . Money can be made and should be made even in down trending markets. Trading in the derivatives segment offers the possibility of trading in up/down trending markets.

Myth 6: Luck factor

You require luck only when you speculate. When you are taking this activity as a Business and following a system in the longer run (atmost 6 months) you will definitely see results

Myth 7: Capital Required

Market is an ocean. You come with a bucket, you get a bucketful and if you come with a glass you get a glassful. It is not necessary to have a huge capital to make 30% + returns. One can start with as less as 50000 Rs.

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