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5% Make a Fortune

The yearly turnover of the market is over 38.5 Trillion Dollars which is 20 times of the GDP of India.

Now more than 90% of the turnover occurs in Derivatives.

Derivatives is a zero sum game which means if somebody is losing then somebody is winning money. Money cannot be created or destroyed here. It is just transferred from one hand to another.

More than 95% people lose money in the derivative trading. As it is a zero sum game 5% make all the money that 95% lose.

Putting it all together.
Turnover of the market is huge.
Derivative trading accounts more than 90% of this turnover.
95% lose money here (ranging from 5% to 100% of their capital)
5% make a FORTUNE.

The right question to be asked is what do these 5% people do?
They follow a system. Empower yourself with Financial Learning and join these 5%.