a)To plan for Financial Freedom.

We believe Life is not meant to Work for money.

Work should be in the area of passion, not as a compulsion.

This is possible when we are free from the question, from where will the money come.

As a part of Financial Planning for our clients our entire focus lies in creating passive income so that the and generations to come are not bothered with the question of making money for their entire life.

b)Create Cash Flows

One of the basic difference in our Planning from the others is that we believe in creating cashflows.

Traditional products are all about Capital Appreciation.

The issue with such concepts is that if there is a setback in the economy capital appreciation would be negative.

Our style of planning focuses on creating regular cashflows and also benefiting from Capital appreciation.

Example : Buying a property and renting it out will not only give you consistent cashflows but also give capital appreciation if the market does pick up.

In case the prices don’t appreciate you still get the cash inflow via rents.

c)To be prepared for the Market Crash.

When clients ask the question about a Stock Market Crash or a Real Estate Bubble the classic answer most consultants give is “Invest for the Long Term”.

This contains an assumption that in long term all will be ok.

Lets look at an example.

Dow Jones hit 381 in 1929 and then went into a recession.

It took 25 years for Dow Jones to come back to 381 in the year 1954.

Because our focus is in generating Passive income on a continuous basis we don’t want you to wait for 25 years in case a recession does come about.

Most consultants don’t even know a fortune can be made via Trend Following in a recession.

We expertise in trend following.

d)Risk Management

As stated previously Risk lies in everything, in taking financial decisions and even in not taking decisions. Most people take Big Risks by not taking any financial decisions lke:

I)     Not investing and keeping the money in savings account.

II)    Investing All in Guaranteed instruments.

III)     Staying invested “LONG TERM” with trading mistakes in stocks.

Man by his nature wants to stay away from risk, but that is the inherent part of all financial instruments. The good part is it can be reduced by being financial learning and by right guidance.

We not only offer Risk reducing strategies and also teach the same in our Financial Learning programmes.

e)Managing Loans and Taxes.

Investing is incomplete without proper use of Debt and taxes.

With the support of our extended team we offer the perfect plan for your to manage loans and taxes.

f)We Lead from the Front.

Most of the solutions we offer have come from years of experience in the industry.

The innovation we have brought up in our offerings have been constantly been practiced by us.

We don’t offer anything we wouldn’t buy it ourselves.

g)Commissions structure v/s Pure Fees Structure.

The financial planning industry is yet to come to terms completely with charging for the service.

While some who offer only planning services charge a fee which can vary from `5,000 to

`50,000 and sometimes more, there are others who charge as a percentage of the assets you invest through them which typically varies from 1% to 2.5%. While some others have a mixed fee model and they charge you a flat fixed for a plan and then an investment fee on your investments.

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