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To understand the benefits let us take an example as shown in the Sample Wealth Book.

Old Investment Habit


Possible Wealth


43.63 Lacs

1.58 Crore

3.64 times





New Investment Habit supported by Financial Learning for the same time period.


Possible Wealth


43.63 Lacs @ 8%

6.76 Crore

21.61 times

43.63 Lacs @ 15%

45.52 Crore

145.48 times


1.58 Crores to 45.52 Crores becomes possible  by having the Wealth Book.

Cost: Rs 25000

Consequences of not having a Wealth Book:

Absence of wealth book:

The experience of your current and future wealth is absent which puts you in a state of “Scarcity, Not having Enough, Worry of Savings getting reduced.”etc.

Moreover, the hard earned money gets experimented by:

a)      Buying Products which are not required by you but are to be sold by agent.

b)      Buying Products under emotional pressure by Relatives.

c)       Over/ Under Exposure of Risk.

d)      Not living a desired life inside of a fear called ‘NOT ENOUGH’.

e)      Your portfolio will under-perform the benchmarks in that asset class.

E.g. Equity as asset class has given 18% + return in the last 35 years. But most portfolios in spite of taking the equity risk are either negative or marginally positive.


And eventually not having a Wealth Book will end up being EXPENSIVE.